I think thinking is better than champagne, dark chocolate and raspberries.
I think religion and politics purposefully muddy the waters of thinking.
I think humans should pay more attention to thinking than shopping.
I think there is a universal mind. I think all things are connected.
I think having an original thought is as good as it gets.
I think wisdom should have more value than wealth.
I think self-control is the most important discipline.
I think a good think is a great way to pass the time.
I think that only through thinking will we evolve.
I think happiness is the best habit.
I think the art is in the thinking.
I think therefore I become.
I think therefore I create.

That is what I thought in 2010.
Today I think pretty much the same.

Except I am all out of fairy dust.

I no longer think we become what we think.
I think we become what we are rewarded for.
I think we are rewarded not to think, but to repeat.
Not to discover but to memorize. Not to innovate but to imitate.
To allow others to think for us. Today we become what others think.

The time is ripe for a revolution of the self-governed, purposeful mind.
A revolution as gentle and inexorable as the rising tide.
The weapons of the purposeful are courage, tolerance, determination perseverance,
honor, self-control. As our tolerance and courage grows, we will discover that all who govern their own minds have the goal of harmony.

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One thought on “Essays

  1. The fruit born from epiphany are innovative value shifts.
    Wisdom supersedes wealth, fame, and influence.
    Temperance as in the middle way is the road traveled by the wise ones.
    Satisfaction is the inner reward for meeting an externalized goal.
    The source of happiness is inside, not ‘out there’.
    Serendipity is the gift to encounter by chance what may spark joyful attention and inspire creative ideas.
    Art is the making of the soul, it is love expressed by man’s touch.

    Things are done TO me (us).
    Things are produced BY me (us).
    Things are created THROUGH me (us).
    Things emerge AS me (us).


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